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On a sunlit winter afternoon in Arlington, Texas, Super Bowl Sunday of 1981, young friends Trey Shelton and Kevin Curnutt rode their dirt bikes into the crosshairs of a troubled neighbor who didn’t like the noise. Trey was killed instantly by the first shotgun blast. Kevin, age thirteen, was paralyzed when the second blast struck him in the head.

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Then, in his darkest moment, he happened across Steven Covey’s bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was Covey who introduced Kevin to the writings of Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl. Kevin would later discover wisdom and inspiration from disparate sources such as mythologist Joseph Campbell, Ram Dass, and Tibetan Buddhism. 

Years later, after a long and ultimately unsuccessful rehabilitation effort to restore the use of his limbs, the cruel reality of his life began to sink in. Kevin would never be able to feed himself, or drive a car, or turn the pages of a book without assistance. He would never marry or have a family. Despair eventually consumed him. He thought more and more about taking his life.


What Kevin found through contemplation and study was a place within himself of universal love and peace, an inner sanctuary that remained untouched by the tribulations of the world, a sanctuary that is available to all. He also came to understand that human beings always have the choice about how they respond to life, no matter how cruel the fates might sometimes be.

In this wise, eloquent, and hopeful book, Kevin shares his path and that message, and invites our troubled world to find that same place of universal love and serenity that lies within. 


Kevin Curnutt was thirteen years old when shot off a dirt bike by a troubled recluse. After that terrible day in Arlington, Texas, Kevin spent fifteen excruciating years of physical therapy trying unsuccessfully to regain the use of his arms and legs, and many more years searching for a way out of deepening despair.

It was at his lowest moment that he began to look inward for healing. Years of spiritual reading, contemplation, and meditation led him to a profound understanding of the nature of existence and our place in it.

He has dedicated his life to spreading the message of love and healing, and to helping people move past their troubles into the peaceful, transcendent realm he has discovered. He lives in his hometown of Arlington, Texas.

Tim Madigan is the New York Times bestselling author of The Burning: The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, and I’m Proud of You: My Friendship With Fred Rogers, a critically acclaimed memoir. He and his wife Catherine live in Texas.

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What readers are saying:

"The most remarkable story of loss and recovery—of losing everything you thought mattered then discovering what REALLY matters. It's heartbreaking and life-affirming. It will shock you, move you, and inspire you." Marta Kagan, cohost of Be Marvelus, The Mental Fitness Podcast

"His story is a miraculous one and it fills my heart with love. I am so happy and excited for the launch of his book From Horror to Transcendence. Kevin writes from his heart and spreads a message of love and healing.” Kim Matullo (Kim Weiler), TV/film production accountant, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur

"From Horror to Transcendence is authentic, powerful, and well-written. The author, a modern mystic, relates his healing journey, where he draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including Joseph Campbell, Ram Dass, Viktor Frankl, Lao Tzu, and Dogen Zenji. Along the way, he comes to terms with his physical limitations, embraces a non-dual understanding of our interconnected Universe, and reveals a joyful and loving heart that transcends his circumstances. This is a very insightful and inspirational book." Larry Jordan, author of The Way: Meaningful Spirituality for a Modern World

"Kevin wrote this book to give his readers a window into his world. But along the way I quickly realized he was helping his readers create a window into their inner world too. If you read this book, Kevin will help you build your window too.

Very few of us will ever experience the level of horror and life disruption Kevin experienced after being shot by a madman. But all of us can and should experience the love and inner peace Kevin found during his journey from Horror to Transcendence.

Whether you are going through a dificult time, trying to overcome some past hurt or setback, or just wanting to find a better way forward in life, "From Horror to Transcendence" was written for you.

I highly recommend Kevin's book and place it next to Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" as one of the most important books you should read." Wayne Ogle, former Arlington City Councilman and AISD School Board Trustee

"The world needs this book! A powerful and amazing story!" Derrick Kinney, financial advisor, author, and host of the Good Money podcast

"A wonderful lesson about life! If you are looking for a great book, this is it." Vanessa Calderon, actress, model, and social media influencer

"If you're facing something that seems insurmountable, if you're on a spiritual journey, or if you just want to be inspired, GET THIS BOOK. You won't be able to put it down." Patricia LoPiccolo, Head of Marketing, MCM Creative Productions

"This book is so raw and so real. I know Kevin and although I knew his story, there was so much I didn’t know and it will leave you inspired to dig deeper, do better, practice gratitude. Kevin’s journey has been one many would have given up on, but he has found peace in his faith and his somehow ongoing belief in the good in this earthly existence-when it would have been so much easier to have caved. You need this book in your life-it will open your eyes to so much good around you and the importance of living in the present with your eye on the eternal. Really awe-inspiring." Julie Andrews

"I was in a place of sadness and despair; after reading it my mindset changed to being grateful! I wanted to pass on my newfound perspective, so I sent one to each of three different friends! I highly recommend From Horror to Transcendence. Truly inspiring and heartfelt." Holly Kemper

“Amazing read! The world can be a better place by simply being aware that all true happiness comes from our connection to the transcendent in all situations." Rod Dalen

"I can't say enough about this book! Kevin's story will not only inspire you, it will make you reflect on your own journey through life. Kevin Curnutt is a true inspiration and is an absolutely amazing person!" Daniel Gallagher

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